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Regeneris offers manual facial treatments using holistic rejuvenation methods. You can take care of your health and freeze time without a scalpel or invasive aesthetic treatments.

Every day, the skin suffers exposure to external and internal factors. Changes in temperature, pollution, bad habits or incorrect posture will all be visible on the face. Illnesses, stress, getting too little sleep or hormonal imbalances also leave their mark, says Agata Interewicz, the owner of the Regeneris brand.

Regeneris manual facial treatments not only guarantee a rejuvenating effect visible after the first procedure – they also have a health-promoting effect. They regulate the functioning of the peripheral nervous system, alleviate anxiety problems, provide relief from orthodontic treatment or bruxism, i.e. involuntary clenching of the jaw.

Massage, reaches the muscular and even bony structures, focusing on the deep tissues. The therapy stimulates the deepest craniofacial structures, oxygenates and nourishes them and stimulates the flow of body fluids. It includes: head, ears, face, neck, shoulder girdle and chest. In some cases it is necessary to unblock the diaphragm or adjust the pelvis. Every case is different, so therapies at Regeneris are tailored individually.

Regeneris is the ideal place for people who want – in a natural way – to rejuvenate and firm the face and décolleté, get rid of problems in the jaw area, improve posture, as well as calm down and de-stress.

Agata Interewicz Regeneris Suwałki

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