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MyWay Cosmetics is an aesthetic and beauty cosmetology office in the field of face and body treatments in Suwałki. The owner of the salon is Marta Wysocka – an expert in the field of cosmetology, which beautifies in many ways, causing a smile and shine in the eyes of ladies and gentlemen. Marta’s clients love the treatments with hyaluronic acid, threads and devices using the latest technologies, such as hifu or microneedle radiofrequency. Depending on the needs of women and men, lip augmentation, wrinkle filling, face oval lifting, removal of puffiness under the eyes or bruises are performed.

MyWay Cosmetics also uses the Icoone massage method, which is used for non-invasive fat removal. Thanks to Icoone, you will shape your figure, eliminate cellulite and get rid of muscle stiffness and tendinitis. You will also remove the lymphatic swellings that annoy all of us today. At MyWay Cosmetics, safety and professionalism in the treatments are first and foremost.

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