A good hairdresser is like a therapist, and a good haircut is like a therapy. The profession of a hairdresser has been respected for a long time, but it has never enjoyed the status it has nowadays. Hairdressing salon called “Metamorfoza” [Metamorphosis] in Suwałki is a place where Bożena Jeglińska has been adorning female and male heads for nearly 30 years.
The art of persuasion is a proof of professionalism

Good hairdressers are not only familiar with cutting and colouring techniques. Above all, they are sensitive to the client’s needs and can discuss them. A skilled hairdresser is aware of the fact that a given hairstyle will not suit every person. The real art is, on the one hand, to give honest advice on a hairstyle that will highlight the client’s attributes. On the other hand, it lies in the tactful dissuasion of the hairstyle which would turn into a visual disaster.

There is always room for inspiration and learning

In the creative and constantly growing hairdressing industry, there is always something new to learn. The “Metamorfoza” hairdressing salon gathers stylists who are constantly attending training courses. Its owner understands that practical workshops are a perfect method to implement new products, cutting and colouring techniques there. Each training session is
a source of new knowledge, and above all, it brings a lot of motivation and energy, which translates into the quality of work.

“The profession of a hairdresser requires creativity. Choosing the right colour from among thousands of shades that will accentuate the personality and beauty of the client is a real challenge,” says Bożena Jeglińska, the owner of the “Metamorfoza” hairdressing salon.

It is said that a woman who changes her hairstyle plans to change her life. There might be some truth to that. A well-fitted hairstyle enhances beauty, emphasises the personality and brings the courage to change and… conquer the world.  Therefore, if you want to take the world over, then you should only do it with a perfect haircut!

Listing Features

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  • Facilities for the disabled
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  • Toilet


Haircut for women, men and children

Hair colouring


Colouring and decolouring the hair

Blow dry

Special occasion hairstyles (updos)

Hair regeneration

Keratin hair straightening treatment

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