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Anyone who has worked with a professional personal trainer has discovered that a trainer can offer much more than just training advice and companionship. Marta Szymak – a personal trainer in Suwałki and the owner of FitPower brand – adjusts trainings to individual needs and fitness level. She also makes sure that her clients stay motivated to work out.

Cooperation with a personal trainer is a different approach to physical activity and motivation to change your life for the better. In connection with a customised dietary programme and supplementation, it guarantees faster results, safety and protection against possible injury.

Marta Szymak provides such assistance. She takes care of her clients and supports them during the whole transformation process.

In most cases, my clients dream of having a slim figure and healthy body. They want to improve their mood and test results, but… they don’t know where to start, how to persevere, where to get motivation and what to do to finally stop snacking, – Marta Szymak, a personal trainer, dietician and the owner of FitPower brand says.

She turned her own experiences into a passion and then into a profession. She has lost weight, improved her health and undergone a great metamorphosis. Today Marta Szymak shares her knowledge with others and achieves great results.

Marta gained qualifications of a personal trainer at the Akademia Mistrzostwa Sportowego in Wrocław. She takes part in many courses, trainings and is currently studying in the field of clinical dietetics.

Her empathetic approach, determination and the results of her clients help her at work. She herself is a showcase of her effectiveness. Marta Szymak strongly believes in sincere relationships and values direct contact with people the most. She works with people at any age, also on an “online” basis.

FitPower brand is a combination of 3 pillars: healthy diet, smart workouts and positive thinking.

Any moment is good to start cooperation with a personal trainer and change your life for the better.

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