Strefa Dobrego Słuchu in Suwałki is a place where you can get your hearing examined at no cost and be advised by a hearing aid technician, who will select the appropriate deaf aid. Thanks to a professional hearing test, the specialist will determine whether the patient is suffering from a hearing loss and what type of impairment it is. Sylwia Dobkiewicz, a founder and owner of Strefa Dobrego Słuchu helps people with hearing impairment to hear well and therefore to function more comfortably and safely.

Hearing loss can affect anyone and it may be caused by various factors: noise, illness, age, accidents or injuries. Most patients visiting Sylwia’s clinic are seniors. However, young people, adults and children with hearing impairments also seek help.

I am a hearing aid technician with 10 years of experience. I aim to help every hearing impaired person live life to the fullest and hear the world around them properly, Sylwia Dobkiewicz says. I make sure that all patients feel safe and comfortable in my practice. Before choosing a hearing aid,
I always discuss with the patient their lifestyle, activity level, individual needs and, of course, their budget,
she adds.

Strefa Dobrego Słuchu cooperates only with reliable manufacturers of hearing aids. Sylwia Dobkiewicz selects an appropriate device adjusted to individual needs of a patient from among various models available on the market. What is also important is that before the purchase of a hearing aid each patient has the opportunity to test it free of charge.

Strefa dobrego słuchu

Hearing care technology is developing rapidly and Sylwia Dobkiewicz keeps pace with it. Thanks to this she offers her patients the state-of-the-art solutions and ensures the greatest possible comfort. Patients have a say in the design, size and model of their hearing aids.

Strefa Dobrego Słuchu cooperates with the National Health Fund. Patients who suffer from a hearing loss of more than 41 decibels may apply for a subsidy to purchase a hearing aid – adults once every 5 and children once every 3 years. Sylwia Dobkiewicz assists patients with all the formalities involved in obtaining subsidies.

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