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Dorota Skrocka is a certified dental hygienist who owns Piękny Uśmiech (Beautiful Smile) dental practice in Olecko. With her work and excellent patient service, she proves that taking care of teeth can be pure pleasure. Piękny Uśmiech dental practice is recognised for its excellent preventive dental care.

A professional and systematic dental cleaning is essential for a beautiful and healthy smile. “Unfortunately, many people are unaware that bacterial plaque damages teeth and gums,” says Dorota Skrocka.

Dorota Skrocka uses a state-of-the-art dental hygiene device to ensure safety, accuracy and comfort for patients.

She works according to the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) protocol, a state-of-the-art oral hygiene technique that consists of several steps.

First, the condition of the teeth and gums is assessed so that the appropriate therapy can be selected. Next, harmful biofilm is stained to locate areas that need cleaning. The next stage is sandblasting – the removal of residual bacterial deposit and tartar using a jet of air and a special mixture of sand and water. The procedure is non-invasive and patients describe it literally as a pleasure.

Dorota Skrocka cares for the teeth of children and adults. She also offers a tooth desensitisation, varnishing and caries infiltration service, as well as dental jewellery and teeth whitening – overlay or using a lamp.

Each patient receives expert advice on oral hygiene applied at home.

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