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JÓŹWIK is a brand in itself. Or, to be more precise, it comprises 3 areas of specialisation in one: OPTICIAN, OPTOMETRIST and ORTHOPTICS. It has been operating in Suwałki for over 50 years providing services to children and grown-ups. Everything to help them see better.

Jóźwik OPTYK is a place where you can find:


Professional office

  • complete eye examination of children, adolescents and adults,
  • diagnostics of eye diseases and the condition of the organ of vision,
  • selection of correction glasses and contact lenses,
  • consultations with optometrists and orthoptists,
  • assessment of the eye accommodation, muscles and eye movement,
  • measurement of eye alignment and binocular vision,
  • vision therapy, orthoptic (strabismus) and pleoptic (visual impairment) exercises


Optical showroom

  • a wide range of spectacle frames for both young and adults,
  • eyeglasses of leading brands such as HOYA, SEIKO, JZO, JAIKUDO, SZAJNA, ESSILOR including a choice of progressive, relaxing, office, bifocal, single vision, photochromic, as well as tinted or polarized sunglasses,
  • contact lenses, lenses solutions and accessories,
  • optical accessories (cases, cords, chains, cleaning fluids),
  • accessories for vision therapy (obturators, fixators, brock strings, flippers)


Optical laboratory

  • optimisation of thickness and construction of spectacle lenses,
  • profiling and fitting of spectacle lenses in frames by means of digital machines and modern measuring devices,
  • warranty and post-warranty service of glasses.


The eye examination is carried out by Michał Jóźwik – an experienced optometrist and orthoptist. He uses modern, very accurate measuring equipment for this purpose. This guarantees precision, so important in detecting defective vision and eye abnormalities. After the examination, the specialist selects appropriate glasses or lenses to correct the sight defect. If indicated, he recommends vision therapy.

Michał Jóźwik uses proven and effective methods in treating vision impairment and defects, which he adapts to the age of children. The Jóźwik optical showroom moves with the times and also uses modern technology, such as virtual reality. It makes monotonous exercises more enjoyable and interesting for young patients.

Michał Jóźwik is passionate and committed in his work. He is a professional who puts his patients at the heart of his practice.

Listing Features

  • Bus stop
  • Close to the center
  • Facilities for the disabled
  • Non-smoking
  • Parking
  • Payment by card

Working Hours

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