Tip Top Garden is a brand owned by Tomasz Tuka, a professional gardener. He has been engaged in gardening for 10 years.

Tip Top Garden offers a wide range of gardening services, including: planting, regenerating and mowing lawns or pruning hedges, shrubs and fruit trees. Tomasz Tuka performs planting, eliminates weeds and pests, arranges terraces and balconies, and cleans and covers plants for winter. His offer also includes verticulation, aeration and the installation of irrigation systems.

Tomasz Tuka is equipped to carry out maintenance and cleaning work quickly and efficiently. He also has a pressure washer, which thoroughly cleans driveways, paving stones and other surfaces.

A beautifully maintained garden is the showpiece of any home, but gardening requires regularity, effort and knowledge. Professional gardening services are the solution for anyone who wants their garden to look extraordinary and be well cared for all year round.

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