The saunas and hot tubs of the LUXURY HOTTUBS

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The saunas and hot tubs of the LUXURY HOTTUBS brand combine extraordinary beauty, elegance, high quality workmanship and extensive personalisation options.


The company offers:

  • acrylic, fibreglass and epoxy resin hot tubs with integrated or external heater and
  • barrel, igloo and cylinder saunas.

Each hot tub can be equipped with additional features and amenities such as, for example, LED backlighting, bluetooth radio, headrests, filters or intelligent controls.

All saunas have interior and exterior lighting, tempered glass doors and windows. You decide on the colour of the roof covering (asphalt shingle or fibreglass and epoxy resin) and the colour of the wood on the outside.

LUXURY HOTTUBS also offers mobile hot tubs and saunas so that you can relax wherever you like. This is also a convenient and attractive option for owners of chalets, guest houses and hotels or for rent. Experience exceptional relaxation with the premium hot tubs and saunas of the LUXURY HOTTUBS brand.

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