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Women like to stand out. With their handbags, dresses, hairstyles and… shoes. The latter, owing to their designers, amaze us with their colours and fashionable styles each season. Still, what good is pretty footwear if it’s not comfortable, durable and is bad for your health?

30 years of experience

The “WIGRY” Department Store in Suwałki houses the “Sylwia” shop. The shop with premium footwear. For over 30 years it has been run by Wacława Poniatowska. She follows the latest trends and selects shoes that harmoniously combine aesthetics with high quality workmanship and wearing comfort.

The “Sylwia” shop undoubtedly excels in footwear quality, the vast majority of which are leather shoes of well-known and proven brands: Exbut, Anis, Maciejka, Chebello, Karino, Lesta, Korzeniowski, Axel, Sagan, Arka (1927), Caprice, Rieker, Remonte, Tamaris, Loretta, Imac. These are only selected shoe manufacturers from Poland, Germany or Italy, whose footwear enjoys high recognition among customers.

Unique footwear

In the “Sylwia” shop, each of the customers can find unique shoes, because the owner often orders collections manufactured in small batches. Lovers of timeless classics will find here traditional high heels and pumps, which fit almost every style. They stand out for their functionality, beauty and comfort. In a word – shoes for every occasion and every foot.

Shoes for everyone

The shop offers footwear in very small and very large sizes. Women and men of different ages, the disabled and those with difficult or unusually shaped feet will find help in choosing their perfect shoes.

Good shoes – a long-term investment

For many people, shoes are to serve only a practical, secondary (and seasonal) role. Wacława Poniatowska, unlike most of us, views them as extraordinary. She does not sell shoes only, but offers advice, supports in the process of finding perfect shoes, helps to solve the customers’ problems and provides comfort.

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