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Lithuanian regional products may be bought only in a few places in Poland.

Białystok, Gdańsk and Suwałki are the cities where both tourists and inhabitants can easily find products from Lithuania.

One of the shops where you can taste some flavours of Lithuanian cuisine is located in Suwałki. It is unique and… right at your fingertips!

In the Ruta boutique shop, situated at ul. E. Plater, a wide variety of flavoursome products characteristic of the said traditional Lithuanian cuisine can be found.

Kartacze, potato sausage, kibinai and blini are only some of the goods prepared by the owners of the Ruta restaurant in Puńsk – the only one of its kind on the culinary route of the Frontier.

Fish, cold cuts and cakes

Apart from the products prepared in Puńsk, customers can also enjoy delicacies imported from Lithuania.

The place is well-known in the region thanks to the wide selection of fish it offers. If you haven’t tried smoked herring in oil yet, you’d better not admit it.

You should visit the Ruta shop and take as much as you can, because… the appetite grows with every bite.

Lithuanian regional products also include unique cold cuts.

Connoisseurs of savoury flavours will find delightful cured meats, aromatic delicacies and tasty sausages.

On the other hand, enthusiasts of sweets may buy traditional cakes such as the tree cake, chimney cake and anthill cake as well as many other sweet delicacies.

Cheese, cheese and cheese once again

In the Ruta shop you will find incredible ripened cheeses with pleasant, piquant aromas and mildly spicy flavours.

There is also plenty of ripe cheeses, the subtle, rich taste of which is accompanied by a touch of sweet, dried fruits.

They go perfectly with any salad and regional Lithuanian beer.


Potato sausage

A speciality like no other. If you aren’t a fan of potato sausage yet, the one you can find in the Ruta shop will certainly steal your heart.


One of the most popular dishes typical of the Lithuanian-Polish borderland. Excellent, filling and aromatic. To be delighted with their taste, definitely buy two.

Lithuanian blini

A variety of potato pancakes with some additional ingredients. They will meet the expectations of even the greatest gourmets.


Baked pierogi with meat stuffing. Once you try it, you will never be able to walk around them indifferently.

Tree cake

A traditional dessert, which is becoming more and more popular. Delicious, fluffy, sweet... is there anything more you need to be happy?

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