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Robert Fertała is a man for the people, a leader for the team, a real estate agent and the Director of the Freedom Real Estate Branch in Częstochowa.

Time does not limit him – he works with clients from all over Poland and abroad. Solely on an exclusive basis.His creative and open approach to his work ensures that he works flexibly and adapts quickly to the changing property market and client expectations. In turn, this translates into results. He sticks to the rules, but he also recognizes when he can break them so that each party to the transaction emerges victorious.

Selling a property is a process that requires time, attention and patience, therefore he is always up to date with the latest trends and practices in the industry. However, this is not enough to be a successful real estate agent.

The key issues for success in our industry are determination, self-discipline, preparation, building rapport and continuous improvement. Anyone who fails to understand this will not achieve much in this profession

He doesn’t like to make assumptions in his everyday life and at the same time he loves the feeling of craving and experience. He operates unconventionally – looking for solutions where others fail to see them. He believes that what is priceless in sales is attitude, mentality, experience, energy but above all attentiveness.  And it works.

He believes in the power of interaction and self-development. Therefore, as a leader, he aims to inspire and motivate his team to achieve even better results. He sees potential in every person, as well as every property, that is worth exploiting. He winks at new challenges and faces up to difficulties. He is always ON BOARD! He improvises, and during training he teaches how to use improvisation effectively in business. He approaches sales with lightness, smile and optimism.

It is worth giving him your property under his wing. In addition, if you are looking for a job as an agent, join Robert Fertała’s team and let him revolutionise your perception of property sales.

Robert Fertała

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