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Looking for a company to clean your office, home or flat? Are you in need of a team to clean up a construction site, shop or stairwell? Use the services of Miotła Hogaty, a company offering comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services.

Barbara Zielińska, the owner of Miotła Hogaty is valued for her conscientiousness, effectiveness and expertise. This is evidenced by positive opinions of many people and companies. Also certificates she has obtained in advanced cleaning, washing and stain removal techniques confirm that.

Washing windows, shop windows, upholstery or cleaning commercial premises are only some of the services we provide, says Barbara Zielińska.
We use the best cleaning and care products , which we select according to the type of dirt and surface. – she adds.

Miotła Hogaty makes use of reputable products that do not require scrubbing, remove bacteria, fungi and scale. The cleaners are safe in terms of acidity, proper pH and keep the cleaned surfaces in perfect condition for a long time. Miotła Hogaty prices general orders or jobs after renovations following an earlier visual inspection.

Miotła Hogaty

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