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Staff training is the best investment. The heads of companies who established cooperation with Anna Krupińska, the owner of the Level Up Business training company, saw it for themselves. Their employees have enhanced their skills, are more productive and committed to their work, but most of all they derive satisfaction from it.

Personal development of employees is the development of the whole company

The owner of Level Up Business provides individual and group training sessions for companies. She understands that good communication ensures success, both for employees and employers.

In her work Anna Krupińska uses HPI (Human Performance Improvement) analysis. Her results reveal, among others, what hinders employee performance and what is worth improving as far as teamwork is concerned.

Training sessions and workshops

Level Up Business provides training in communication, time and team management. Business owners can also participate in training sessions on negotiation and sales techniques.

Anna Krupińska specialises in broadly understood personal development, discovering potential in people and motivating them to act. It is her true passion.

During her workshops she employs various training techniques to make the meetings interesting, substantive and above all effective. She also puts great emphasis on the high quality of teaching aids. Once the training session is completed, participants have the opportunity to talk to her directly, since – as she puts it – the essence of training sessions is to put knowledge into practice.

Do you want your employees and management to find a common denominator? Try training sessions offered by Level Up Business. Take your business up to the next level.


Individual training sessions

Managing yourself in time, Interpersonal communication skills, Personal development, Discover your talents, Coaching.

Group training sessions

Motivation, Sales, Sales Techniques on three levels, Team building, Managing yourself in time, Managing a person in time, Team management, Training sessions for managers, Negotiation techniques, Dress code works wonders, Personality typology, How to deal with stress, Work-life balance.

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