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To make beautiful and durable custom furniture is definitely not an easy task. Krystian Butkiewicz – the owner of the Złoty Wiór carpentry workshop – has been performing this task for the past 10 years.

Customers want furniture that goes perfectly together with their interiors. Such that will not only be beautiful but also last for many years. In the Złoty Wiór carpentry workshop we make only such furniture. And no others, Krystian Butkiewicz asserts.

Custom kitchens, sliding wardrobes and freestanding industrial furniture – these are just some of the types of furniture that the craftsmen at the Złoty Wiór carpentry workshop create. Our skilled carpenters also make unusual furniture, such as bed bases or unique glass cases. They stand out with their creativity and style.

In their designs, they expertly combine different types of materials – glass, wood and steel. They work with lacquered fronts, veneered fronts and systems provided by the best manufacturers on the market, such as: Egger, Blum or Inox.
Employees of the Złoty Wiór carpentry workshop love challenges. They do their best to make their furniture unlike any other. Unique.
Order our unique custom furniture. Create a masterpiece in your own home!

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