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Do you experience foot pain or have cracked heels? Do you have problems walking because of blisters or ingrown toenails? There is an expert podiatrist in Suwałki to help you. Beata Kożuchowska.

Abnormal conditions of feet are becoming increasingly common among people. When we experience discomfort or pain, we remember how important healthy feet are. It is then when we begin to think about how to address a sore problem. The truth is, however, that when it hurts, it is not worth looking for ideas on how to solve the problem. The sooner you entrust your feet to the tender care of a podiatrist, the sooner the pain will subside.

In her podiatry and beauty salon, Beata Kożuchowska applies the latest methods of treating foot-related issues. What is important, the therapeutic methods are non-invasive and do not cause pain. Even a single treatment provides the desired relief and brings back comfort.

What distinguishes Beata is her professionalism, care and attention. All clients are her first priority, treated with equal kindness and warmth. She listens carefully to all concerns, answers questions and reassures, believing that every problem has a solution. Therefore, expect a warm welcome, professional diagnosis, and effective solution to your ailment.


The salon also offers beauty treatments. Hands, face and body care treatments, as well as special occasion and casual makeup are a remarkable asset that makes Beata’s salon unique. Comfort and time-saving in one.

Our feet are our anchors to the ground. They support us, give us stability. They are the levers that give us an impulse to walk, run, move. Leonardo da Vinci defined them as: “A masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”.

How can we keep our feet healthy when we don’t take proper care of them? A podiatrist knows everything about feet. Ask Beata Kożuchowska about them.

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Foot treatments

Toenails: ingrown toenails, pincer (curled) toenails, orthonics buckle therapy, fungal toenail infection, toenail reconstruction,

Foot treatments

Foot skin: blisters, tyloma, cracked heels, skin fungal infection

Facial and body care treatments

Cleansing, acids, henna, depilation, relaxing massage

Hand care treatments

Classic manicure, hybrid manicure, Japanese manicure

Special occasion and casual makeup

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