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Monika Rewinska – a coach and talent explorer according to Gallup helps people to find their unique natural potential and learn about their predispositions.

Strengths coaching is based on the Gallup Talent Survey, which helps to understand individual patterns of thinking, acting and behaviour.

Monika Rewińska makes her clients aware during coaching sessions that understanding their own, their child’s or their spouse’s talents has a positive impact on relationships in the family, at work, among friends and acquaintances. She supports her clients in achieving their professional and private goals.  She helps people who experience ‘professional burnout’ and who want to achieve life balance, confidence and their dream goal, or who want to increase their decisiveness.

How to distinguish between skills and talents? How do you get to know yourself in order to improve the quality of your life and make better choices? All this can be discovered during coaching sessions with Monika Rewińska.

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