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A good seamstress makes fine clothes and remakes ill-fitting garments in an impressive way. Laura Sznel offers more than that. Her seamstress shop “Krawcianko” in Suwałki is mobile. This means that customers don’t have to leave their homes to have something made to measure or to bring clothes in for alterations.

“Krawcianko” stands for convenience. The seamstress comes to the customers, takes measurement and collects everything that needs to be altered. When the clothes are ready, she brings them to the indicated address. As a result, customers do not waste time travelling to pick up their garments.

Repairing or altering clothes is fashionable and eco-friendly. Custom-made outfits are a luxury that everyone has right at their fingertips. So, if you can’t dress for your body shape, try the services offered by Laura Sznel. An experienced seamstress will help you choose the fabric, select the cut and sew a unique garment. One that will highlight your assets.

“Krawcianko” offers, among others, design, repair and alteration of clothing, textile accessories, mending with decorative embroidery and plotter-cut flex foil embroidery. It also provides machine embroidery – of graphics and company logos on various types of fabric.

Do you happen to have a jacket that doesn’t fit, trousers that are too long or a dress with too much cleavage that you never wear? Contact the mobile seamstress “Krawcianko” and transform these items into new clothes. Into clothes made to measure

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