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Kanony Piękna (Canons of Beauty) is a new place in Suwałki where women and men enjoy aesthetic medicine treatments. Emilia Herbaczewska – the founder and owner of the clinic brings out the natural beauty of her clients.

Only safe treatments that restore a youthful appearance, do not change the facial features and eliminate the risk of adverse reactions are carried out in the parlour. Emilia Herbaczewska uses the state-of-the-art methods in accordance with the latest trends and common sense.

Today, the patients of aesthetic medicine clinics do not want unnaturalness and exaggeration. Above all, they expect natural effects, – Emilia Herbaczewska says.

Emilia uses only certified products. She specialises in therapies based on tissue stimulators and treatments using PDO and PLLA threads which are becoming much more popular among patients as a replacement for fillers. The application of the threads naturally stimulates the skin to work. As a result, it begins to produce large amounts of collagen and elastin. The threads completely dissolve in the skin after about 9-12 months and the effects of the treatment last about 2 years.

In the clinic, everyone can find the perfect antidote to skin imperfections using the best solutions, tailored to individual needs.

In Kanony Piękna parlour, women undergo gentle treatments which bring spectacular rejuvenating effects. Tissue stimulators certainly serve as such a non-invasive tool. Wrinkles become shallower, under eye dark circles disappear, the oval of the face improves and the skin regains its radiant glow.

Emilia attends many training courses. She concentrates exclusively on stimulating the skin and is constantly upgrading her qualifications in order to study the subject in depth and achieve perfection.

It is worth entrusting the correction of skin imperfections to a specialist from Kanony Piękna beauty salon. Emilia Herbaczewska will take care of it professionally and will ensure that the passing time will slow down significantly.

Kanony Piękna Suwałki - Emilia Herbaczewska

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