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Finishing works – no matter how big the renovation – are always a challenge. Work with professionals who will carry out all the necessary tasks swiftly and make it a hassle-free experience.

JPC-BUD Pawel Czereszko Construction Company carries out finishing works in Suwałki and Suwałki poviat. Its offer comprises comprehensive construction services, as well as finishing works and renovation: drywall, painting and wallpapering, glazing, plastering, flooring and installation services.

Pawel Czereszko has years of experience in the field, and his projects stand out for their flawless execution. He always follows the task schedule and the investor’s guidelines. He performs works with precision and in a timely manner, so that the renovated places looked stylish, were comfortable and functional.

JPC-BUD uses both the investor’s and its own materials. The company plans its finishing services carefully and takes into account all the requirements of its clients.

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Laying ceramic tiles, terracotta, gres tiles

Installing drywall, partition walls

Installing false ceilings

Installing doors

Laying floor panels and wall-to-wall carpets

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