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Good life insurance is not an expense, it is an investment. The insurance agent of PZU S.A., Joanna Czokajło, will help you choose the optimal life insurance option.

Joanna Czokajło offers individual life and health insurance policies, property insurance, business insurance and insurance for employees, as well as investment and savings funds.

A good life insurance policy provides support for the family, especially in the event of a serious illness or death of the insured. It ensures a payout that will cover the cost of childcare, education or medical treatment. With a mortgage, if a person is unable to work (e.g. due to a serious illness), a life insurance policy will provide peace of mind and security for the family.

The insurance coverage may be broad: in case of a serious illness, hospitalisation, rehabilitation or injury. It also provides an opportunity to save money, for example for your retirement, your children’s start in life or for any other purpose.

Joanna Czokajło’s clients, who have opted for a good insurance policy, benefit from private healthcare. As a result, they do not have to wait long for an appointment with a specialist.

Joanna Czokajło – a licensed insurance agent – also provides excellent insurance policies for businesses. She offers comprehensive insurance for employees and their families. She supports clients throughout the whole policy period, acts as an agent in filing the insurance claim and payout, as well as clarifies the terms of extended coverage and private healthcare services. A lot of people, especially those who are young and in good health, do not think about life insurance. However, it is worth remembering that the earlier you decide to take out insurance, the better the terms and conditions you will receive and the lower the premium you will pay, valid for the entire policy period.

It is important to consider your health as early as possible so that you can carry out your plans with confidence and enjoy a long and happy life.

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