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Family Medical Centre in Suwałki provides specialist medical services for children and adults.

The patients from Suwałki and surrounding areas are no longer required to seek help from specialists in other cities. They also don’t have to wait months or years for their appointments, as waiting time has been reduced to weeks. This is of key importance in the case of many diseases. Many specialists cooperate with the Family Medical Centre on a permanent basis.

There is a well-functioning preluxation clinic here. Many patients consult a speech therapist, neuro-speech therapist, child and adult psychologists. Among the specialists, there are also a psycho-dietician, massage therapist, and physiotherapists. Moreover, one can use aesthetic medicine treatments, , says Aneta Szmidt, the founder and owner of the Centre.

Physicians and patients benefit from a modern diagnostic laboratory located on site. The test results are delivered immediately.

The patients presenting in our centre not only require a high level of medical services, but most of all they need attention, empathy and understanding. We are committed to making them feel safe; we want them to feel that they are in the hands of the best specialists who will help them recover quickly, Aneta Szmidt asserts.

The owner of the Centre understands that good health is a harmony between physical, mental and social well-being. She aims not only at creating a place where physicians comprehensively care for the health of patients. She wishes to create the conditions in which every person – provided with proper health care – is not left alone with their health problems and quickly recovers to full fitness.

The Family Medical Centre constantly extends its offer and establishes cooperation with new specialists. It guarantees accurate diagnosis and treatment while investing in equipment and state-of-the-art technology to take patient care to the next level.

Listing Features

  • Bus stop
  • Close to the center
  • Facilities for the disabled
  • Parking
  • Toilet


For children and adults

Endocrinologist, Neurologist, Nephrologist, Orthopaedist

For children

Surgeon, Pulmonologist, Gastrologist, Paediatrician



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