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Loans and leasing for companies constitute the main source of financing for those who wish to dynamically develop their enterprises. Since each business sector is governed by its own rules, different types of financing are required in order to increase revenues. Business owners, absorbed by work, do not have time to analyse all financial offers on the market. Consequently, they make some mistakes that cost them far too much. Financial expert, Kamila Szulc, understands this very well, having been supporting entrepreneurs in financing their businesses for 9 years.

Clients of Kamila Szulc include both small businesses newly established on the market, as well as large partnerships and companies that have been operating for years. Business owners concentrating on the development of their brands appreciate the expertise of financial industry professionals. They are aware that finding the best loan or lease offered on the market should be handled by a specialist.

Our clients have little time to analyse regulations and offers from the banks, which are subject to a constant change. Entrepreneurs expect attractive financial conditions, professional cooperation, minimum bureaucracy and maximum results. As much and as little! They can find it all in my place – Kamila Szulc, the branch director, says with a smile.

Reading complicated bank contracts, calculating credit instalments and costs of leasing are the very last things that entrepreneurs wish to deal with. We know everything about finances and apart from that, we are also lawyers. No small print will go unread she adds.

Kamila Szulc specializes in corporate leasing and loans. She cooperates with a number of leasing providers and banks. She also prepares quotes for fleet insurance, warranties and corporate insurance. She focuses on entrepreneurs, but also assists in obtaining personal loans and mortgages.

 Our motto is: tell us what you need and then we will tell you where to get it under the best terms –  Kamila Szulc says.

Collaboration with Kamila Szulc saves a lot of time and… more money in the company account.

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