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Celux Natural Medicine Centre in Suwałki looks at health holistically and sees a person as a whole. The clients of the Centre trust its specialists comprising: specialist neonatologist, paediatrician, nutriologist and clinical nutritionist, nutrition coach, as well as NLS diagnostician. Celux Natural Medicine Centre uses modern diagnostic methods.

Specialists advise and perform tests on the basis of which they recommend individually tailored therapy, diet, supplementation with nutraceuticals or lifestyle changes to improve health. If necessary, they refer to doctors of specific specialties and order additional medical tests.

Celux specialists support treatment by supplementing vitamin and mineral deficiencies and applying scientifically proven natural therapeutic methods.

Nature has enormous power and it is worth taking advantage of it, – says Celina Kamińska, the owner of the Centre where a conscious search for the causes of diseases is conducted, instead of only focusing on alleviating their symptoms.

The Centre uses Mezator M1, a medical-grade device in EU countries that uses electromagnetic waves to examine the condition of the entire body. The equipment – featuring NLS technology – accurately determines the condition of tissues, organs and cells. The examination is painless and non-invasive. Its results precisely indicate the direction of treatment.

The Celux Natural Medicine Centre is equipped with Bemer, a medical device that, among other things, improves circulation and stimulates regeneration. It works perfectly in post-COVID rehabilitation.

The Centre has helped many people suffering from, among others, diabetes, Lyme disease, obesity, allergies and infections. The Centre has helped many people suffering from, among others, diabetes, Lyme disease, obesity, allergies and infections. Among them, there were also people who cured insomnia, insulin resistance, as well as thyroid, skin, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and bone diseases.

The staff effectively combines traditional treatment methods with academic medicine. They place great emphasis on individual care. The medical offer of the Centre is supplemented by cosmetic services and relaxing and therapeutic massages.

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