Biuściasty Zakątek [Busty Boutique] is the kingdom of bras and… Beata Jeleniewicz, who knows everything about busts. If you’ve never shopped for lingerie at a professional bra fitter, you should definitely give it a try. See for yourself how well-chosen lingerie enhances your figure and works wonders.

For over 8 years Beata Jeleniewicz has been helping women to discover their femininity and feel more confident. Biuściasty Zakątek offers the most amazing bras, because breasts are
a symbol of femininity and deserve special treatment.

Professionally fitted lingerie

Biuściasty Zakątek stands for professionally fitted lingerie. One that feels like a second skin. Good lingerie guarantees comfort, convenience and a better look. Perfectly shaped breasts accentuate your waist and create a beautiful décolleté.

Biuściasty Zakątek is a place where women receive professional assistance when choosing
a bra for themselves. Whether you have small or large breasts, asymmetrical bust or are after breast surgeries – there is something for everyone. The offer also includes bras for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Each bust is different, unique and deserves attention. It deserves
a perfect bra.

Biuściasty Zakątek

A good bra – even better than a red lipstick!

What women wear under their clothes is extremely important to them. Fine lingerie not only cares for women’s breasts and shapes the body – it also boosts their sense of self-esteem, femininity and sex appeal.

When I see my customers leave my Boutique with smiles on their faces and their eyes shining, I know that the next day they will get up thinking: Today is going to be a really good day, Beata Jeleniewicz says.

Good lingerie evokes positive emotions. Therefore, have as much of it as possible, for black and red-letter days alike.

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Nightgowns, slips

Lingerie for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers

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