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Make-up is an art form. Thanks to it, women emphasize the beauty of the face, bringing out its naturalness. Beata Ciechanowicz – the owner of Balea Permanent & Make up Studio knows perfectly well how to subtly embellish women to make them feel beautiful and self-confident.

For many years, she has gained knowledge in the field of cosmetology, make-up, characterization and permanent makeup with the best teachers. Today, she helps women feel special on their wedding day or during other important celebrations by creating beautiful occasional make-up.

Beata Ciechanowicz offers ladies who want to save time on everyday makeup the service of permanent makeup for eyebrows, lips and eyelid lines. Perfect and classy permanent makeup is a great convenience, as many of the Studio’s clients have found out about. For those ladies who want to explore the secrets of make-up, she conducts individual lessons and professional make-up courses.

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