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Cosmetic procedures do not only improve your appearance, but also enhance your mood and self-esteem. Moments spent in the comfort of a beauty parlour are a true blessing in today’s busy world. A carefully chosen selection of cosmetic procedures effectively improves your skin state and fixes its imperfections. Barbara Olejniczak knows all about it. For 30 years she has been taking care of women’s faces, necks and cleavages, and for 15 years she has been running her own beauty parlour in Suwałki.
 Professional beauty therapy for everyone 

The sooner you start taking care of your skin consciously, the longer it will retain its youth and elasticity,” Barbara Olejniczak, the owner of the Professional Beauty Parlour in Suwałki, says. Polluted air, stress and the pace of life mean that the services of a professional beautician are now needed much earlier and more frequently than before.

Professional Beauty Parlour offers treatments for young girls with persistent acne as well as mature women looking for skin rejuvenation and tightening. The experience gained by Barbara over the years helps her accurately select treatments for every skin type. She is proud of the fact that whole generations of women have been using her services.

Nature, passion and innovation

Barbara Olejniczak uses only the highest quality products based on innovative, advanced technologies. They are based on natural ingredients which are best for the skin and bring great results. Barbara has great confidence in the German brand BABOR. It defines new standards in the cosmeceuticals sector and is committed to environmental protection and ecology.

With needle mesotherapy treatments, Barbara enhances the natural ways of keeping the skin in good condition. Recently, this method has been most popular when it comes to skin biorevitalisation.

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Care treatments for the face, neck and cleavage (BABOR).

FACEMODELING PROGRAMME – a natural method of modelling and rejuvenating the face.

Hydrogen purification

Oxygen infusion

Exfoliating and regenerating treatments (GEN FACTOR)

Needle mesotherapy (tissue biostimulators)

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