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How to talk to facilitate communication in private life? What should be done to make professional dialogue flawless? What you need to do is simply find out what kind of mindset you represent and how the people around you think. Adriana Sadowska – a certified FRIS® trainer knows exactly how to explore this.

As far as businesspeople are concerned, the owners of companies, executives, managers and leaders aim to have efficient teams and committed employees. They want to build a rapport with people and successfully achieve their goals. In our everyday life, we wish to avoid conflicts. We seek happiness in our relationships and great friendships. How to achieve those goals? FRIS® may be the solution.

FRIS® is a very useful diagnostic and development tool that makes it easy to find out what style of thinking we adopt – and, consequently, what type of communication we use.

With a professional FRIS® diagnosis, you will understand the key differences in the ways of thinking and acting of the people around you. The FRIS® method is used by entrepreneurs and individuals. After the study, many of them have had their lives turned upside down – But in a positive way!, Adriana Sadowska says. FRIS® can also serve as an ideal tool for very young people who struggle to choose where to study or which profession to pursue,” she adds.

Having knowledge about yourself (and others) will help you organise your work more effectively, set priorities more rationally, recruit people to your team better and resolve conflicts more effectively. Thanks to the FRIS® method, you will find it easier to exploit your employees’ talents, prevent their professional burnout and sell more.

Since many people have found understanding and peace in their lives thanks to this method, what is its secret?

Using FRIS® you will learn a variety of Thinking and Acting Styles and discover your potential. You will learn how to accept yourself and others, improve relationships and start to grow faster. You will find out whether you are: a Competitor, a Partner, a Visionary or
a Researcher. You will discover whether facts, relationships, ideas or structures are more important in your thinking style. Or maybe a bit of everything?

Adriana Sadowska uses FRIS® analysis during individual and group trainings in communication and sales.

Adriana Sadowska

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